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Old News

This is the place where news updates go to die. If this interests you, read on!

30-Dec-2014 As the year draws to a close, here are few brief updates! Our super-fun Munsch show has received tons of press. See here, here and here and a video preview here. We are rolling along towards the end of our sold out theatre run at Prairie Theatre Exchange. Soon we will be packing up our set, and bringing it to a school near you!


12-December-2014  A week into rehearsals for Munsch. From inside the rehearsal hall: this is my director Sharon.


18-November-2014  VERY EXCITED to announce that I will be headed back to gorgeous Ganonoque to appear in Thousand Islands Playhouse's The Pirates of Penzance, a Gilbert & Sullivan classic, this coming summer. Yarr!


3-November-2014  Only a month until the Munsch adventure begins! Auditions are rolling in as well so it's a busy time... Today there are some new updates and re-jigs to the website. Have a look and make my hours at the computer worthwhile!! :) 


6-October-2014  Back from Ganonoque/Toronto/New York and right into a workshop for my upcoming tour. Life is good!


19-August-2014  Hurriedly packing for 4 weeks away in beautiful Ganonoque... second leg of Waiting for the Parade commencing this Friday!


27-July-2014  Over 2000 people attended our show over the 12-day run, making Quo Vadis one of the hits of the 2014 Winnipeg Fringe. New blog post & photos in Gallery.


27-May-2014  Looking forward to a Manitoba summer and being back at the Fringe! I'll be performing in Quo Vadis, a new musical by Olaf Pyttlik. More details to come.


6-May-2014  Carol Shields Festival at PTE is coming up quick. I'll be performing in the Opening Gala (May 15, 7pm) and in 'Short Shots' (readings of brand-new, Manitoba made 10 minute plays) on Saturday at noon. Readings are FREE! Look here for info. 


10-Apr-2014  Waiting for the Parade has closed in Kamloops. Production Stills now in the Photo Gallery. See them here.


31-Mar-2014  Production shot from Waiting for the Parade now on the blog.


29-Mar-2014  And we're Open! I'm very proud of this show. Come and see us in Kamloops until April 5th.


16-Mar-2014  Rehearsals are underway for Waiting for the Parade


5-Mar-2014  Sarasvati's Hope McIntyre and Andrea were up early promoting our Cabaret of Monologues on @BTWinnipeg. Watch it here.


4-Mar-2014 Touring monologues with Sarasvati Productions this week. We got goodie bags -- be jealous. Lookie here. Also, set your alarms! Andrea will be on CityTV's Breakfast Television tomorrow at 8:45 AM. 


27-Feb-2014  #TBT Video Post now on the blog. Some '07 goodness: see me wield a weapon & take down a servant right here


21-Feb-2014  Andrea and Kris Laudien (of CTV's Morning Show) gave the "performance of a lifetime" to a sold-out audience at the Gas Station Theatre Wednesday night... and were robbed!! The real victory was for Sarasvati Productions, and the So You Think You Can Act Fundraiser. Blog post here. Also -- a very Happy Birthday to my little (but a foot taller) brother Steven! 


21-Feb-2014  Regrettable news: WJT cancels its final production this year and suspends operations. Gutted. More info here.


27-Jan-2014  First blog post up -- #ChekhovFest and Getting Through the Winter. See it here.


24-Jan-2014 is officially live!! Tweet & Share. <3


17-Jan-2014  Andrea is very excited to announce that she will be heading to Kamloops, BC this spring to play 'Eve' in Western Canada Theatre's production of Waiting for the Parade, by John Murrell. This production is co-produced with Thousand Islands Playhouse and will travel to Ganonoque, ON in the fall.

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