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by Theresa Rebeck
Produced by Mirvish Productions
Directed by Stewart Arnott

"Andrea Houssin gives a wonderfully rich performance as Kate, who grows from fragility and self-destructiveness to confidence and daring, even if Rebeck gives her character a final, improbable twist."

-- Christopher Hoile,


"Houssin brings honesty and vulnerability to the role; her tenacity to continue to defend her work strikes a chord with the audience who cannot help but share in her defeat."

-- Jason Carlos,

"The play offers a welcome showcase for [Tom] McCamus... and he gets solid backing from four fine young actors. My favourite is Houssin's underestimated Kate, who would find a kindred spirit in Girls' Hannah Horvath."
-- Mark Morrow, The Globe and Mail

"It’s easy to see Kate growing up to find success in novels, theatre and TV, as Rebeck, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and creator of the NBC TV show Smash, has. And Andrea Houssin, a Winnipeg-based actor in her Toronto debut, holds her own against McCamus."
-- Carly Maga, Toronto Star

"Andrea Houssin's Kate is the character with the play's most perplexing and frustrating journey, but Houssin plays the turns believably."
-- Joff Schmidt, CBC

"The pace of the 100-minute one-act piece is brisk, the dialogue sharp and often very funny and the cast very good. Houssin, as seminar host Kate, who's been working on the same story for six years, binge eats with relish but also maintains a watchful gaze in which you can see her agile mind working."
-- Susan G. Cole, Now Toronto

by William Shakespeare
Produced by Studio 58
Directed by Scott Bellis

"Andrea Houssin makes a forceful, intelligent Brutus. And, late in the play, when cracks begin to form in the character's stoic exterior, she shows us honest glimpses of Brutus' vulnerability and self-doubt."
-- Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Andrea Houssin plays Brutus with an energy and commitment surpassed only by the intensity of her dramatic ability to communicate her character’s intentions with voluble force."

-- Roger Eberle, Review Vancouver

by Ginny Collins
Produced by Winnipeg Jewish Theatre
Directed by Michael Nathanson
*World Premiere

"The local cast serves the script ably... Andrea Houssin, in her hometown debut after recently graduating from Vancouver's Studio 58, provides a well-rounded portrait of a determined, committed woman who thinks that wanting to help is all she needs to make a difference. Hannah doesn't see the growing storm of hostility towards immigrants, who are made handy scapegoats for all the country's ills, that could imperil her work in South Africa."
-- Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press


by John Murrell
Co-Produced by Western Canada Theatre and Thousand Islands Playhouse
Directed by Ashlie Corcoran


"Often there is one actor, one moment, one element of a play that stands out. You won’t find this when you go see the production. You will instead see five exceptional actors perfectly created, right down to the shoes they wear and the gestures they make... Andrea Houssin is the white to Drakeford’s black, the ever-perky helper who is bumbling through life finding sunshine where she can. You know she, too, will have a moment that will redefine her view on life."
-- Dale Bass, Kamloops This Week


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