So You Think You Can Act

Wednesday night, CTV Morning Host Kris Laudien and I gave the "performance of a lifetime" to a sold-out audience, and we were robbed!!

In actuality, this "competition" (a fundraiser for Sarasvati Productions) was a huge success, and despite crushing the acting dreams of one Kris Laudien, #SYTYCA lit up social media, and there were many hilarious & wonderful moments onstage and off.

Photo Janet Shum.

If you didn't make it out this time, make sure to come next year!

Thanks to our Winnipeg celebrities:

Alison Gillmor (CBC Radio/Winnipeg Free Press), Jim Ingebrigtsen (Radio and TV Producer/Host), Obby Khan (Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber and Shawarma Khan owner), Eva Kovacs (Global Morning News), Kris Laudien (CTV Morning Show), Big Daddy Tazz (Comedian) and Troy Westwood (Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber). And Host Ace Burpee!

#soyouthinkyoucanact #sarasvatiproductions #winnipegtheatre #krislaudien #aceburpee

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